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Industry Leadership

Contextual Risk Insights

Diverse Data Sources

Actionable Dashboards

Turn trusted data into digital insights and actions

Acquire real-time insights on cyber risks, social media risks, and supplier risks
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Industry Leadership

Contextual Risk Insights

Diverse Data Sources

Actionable Dashboards

Comprehensive approach to digital risk management

KPMG Digital Signals Insights Platform, is an intelligent, always-on solution which helps clients identify, assess and act on insights arrived at from a set of digital risks.

Digital Recon

Reconnaissance of your known and unknown digital assets.

Cyber & Threat Intelligence

Assess, monitor and analyze
external threats.

Third Party Supplier Exposure

Minimize risk emerging from your third party vendors.

Social Media Command Centre

Analyze and govern digital signals.

Sensitive Data Leakage

Detect release of corporate
data/intellectual property.

Brand Protection

Safeguard your brand reputation
and build customer trust.

Dark Web Mentions

Detect emerging cyber threats and sale
of compromised customer data.

Integrated solution for monitoring digital footprints

Industry leadership

KPMG's understanding of what insights lend the most value to business, help companies stay on track and deal with digital risks that could unhinge their business survival.

Industry specific context

Taxonomy of risk topics and millions of key words tailored to each industries over the years

Always-on platform

Automated monitoring of all channels and identification of key risks across the World Wide Web.

Deep analytics on unstructured data

Automated first level analysis of associated affiliates and similar domains to identify malicious websites

Unmatched data normalization
and coverage

Coverage across global repositories, including threat, market intelligence, social media, regulatory and judicial databases.

Actionable alerts and

Customisable and persona based views of dashboards on web and mobile platforms.

A wide customer base spread across various industries







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