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Accurate and timely value chain tracking is critical for business continuity management and revival planning.

KPMG’s Value Chain Risk Insights platform enables you to get visibility of your supplier/ dealership ecosystem (real time presence) to take informed business decisions.

Powered by KPMG’s Digital Signals Insights Platform, you get access to automated monitoring, deep analytics and actionable alerts and reporting.

Significant benefits

Value Chain Analytics is a rapid ‘as a service’ solution of Big data , AI and Visualization that can be used to quickly connect disparate data sources and rapidly drive insights about manufacturing, demand and supplier networks.

Significant benefits you will derive:

  • Chain visibility and insights: Trace the full chain of the product to assess potential impact of raw materials/ parts to the final assembly
  • Alternate sourcing insights: Simulation of ‘What-if’ scenarios during a total supply breaks
  • Component/ Product Centrality Analysis: Identify the most important components in the supply chain, based on how up and downstream components influence them
  • Demand Risks: Provides insights by finding the central connections in route to market; measuring the important breaks and identifying risks to the link which take finished goods to the market

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